Nombarathi Poovu

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Nombarathi Poovu
Nombarathi Poovu.jpg
Directed byP. Padmarajan
Written byP. Padmarajan
Baby Sonia
Music byM. G. Radhakrishnan
CinematographyS. Kumar
Edited byB. Lenin
Release date
  • 9 April 1987 (1987-04-09)

Nombarathi Poovu (English: The Sorrowful Flower) is a 1987 Malayalam drama film, written and directed by P. Padmarajan.[2] It stars Madhavi, Baby Sonia, Mammootty, Shari and Unnimary. Its story is about the deep relationship between Gigi (Sonia) and Padmini (Madhavi).[1] Its songs were composed by M. G. Radhakrishnan, while the background score was done by Johnson.


The movie shows how a young woman, Padmini (Madhavi), who is separated from her husband, gets attached to a young orphan girl, Gigi (Sonia) when they meet in a hospital during their stay after a bus accident. Gigi has lost her mother in the accident and Padmini decides to take Gigi with her. Gigi is not completely mentally stable and is a special needs child. Padmini brings Gigi to Dr. Padmanabhan (Mammootty), who after initial apprehension accepts Gigi in his institute as a student by day. Gigi gradually improves and Padmini is peaceful. Padmini's separated husband, Sethu (Lalu Alex) is still trying to win her back. The viewers are shown that Padmini separated from her husband because she lost her children due to an episode of reckless motorcycle riding from her husband. Padmini decides to go back to Sethu and adopt Gigi as their daughter. However, Gigi's special behavior annoys Sethu and Gigi starts to feel insecure about losing her mother again. The movie goes on to show Padmini's emotional turbulence.




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