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Nominal may refer to:

Linguistics and grammar[edit]


  • Nominal, in statistics and engineering describes a measurement (or group of measurements) that matches the predicted value(s) within the expected margin of error
  • Nominal data, a form of categorical data in statistics
  • Nominal number, a number used as an identifier in mathematics


  • Nominal, in aerospace usage, describes a process that completes successfully according to plan or design: e.g. "a nominal flight check", "nominal stage separation", or "nominal orbit insertion".


Other uses[edit]

  • Nominal aphasia or anomic aphasia, a problem remembering words and names
  • Nominal category, a group of objects or ideas that can be collectively grouped on the basis of one or more shared, arbitrary characteristics
  • Nominal damages, a small award to compensate for technical harm
  • Nominal GDP, a raw gross domestic product value uncompensated for inflation or deflation
  • Nominal techniques, computer science techniques for working with formal languages with name binding constructs
  • Real versus nominal value, an accepted condition which is a goal or an approximation as opposed to the real value

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