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Nomos or Nomoi may refer to:

  • the Greek term for "law" (νόμος, nómos; pl. νόμοι, nómoi). It is the origin of the suffix -onomy, as in astronomy, economy, or taxonomy.
    • custom, traditional social norm, the equivalent of Latin Mores
    • Nomos (music), in early Greek culture, the traditional melody types used by the singer for the recitation of the epics, and all-known melody types used by citharedes and auletes in musical contests.
    • Nomos (mythology), "the spirit of law" in Greek mythology
    • Nomos (sociology), "meaningful orders or worldviews of individuals" in Peter L. Berger's sociology of religion
  • the Greek νομός, meaning "pasture, field; division, distribution; district, province"
    • Nome (Egypt), a subdivisions of Ancient Egypt
    • Nome (Greece), the administrative division immediately below the peripheries of Greece (Greek: νομός, nomós; pl. νομοί, nomoí)

-- The nouns nómos and nomós both derive from the verb νέμω, némō, to dispense or to allot, with nomós being the result of allotment and nómos being the manner of allotment or dispensing (justice).

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