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A Non-high school district is a form of public school district which does not itself provide a high school, but instead reimburses nearby public districts with high schools for the education of students in the non-high district. At least two states in the United States — Illinois and Washington — still have districts designated as non-high school districts.

Non-high districts have existed since 1917 and are still provided for by statute. An Illinois non-high district is a special form of high school district consisting of the portion of a county not in any high school district or unit school district.[1] It is separate from any local grade school district. It pays the tuition of eighth grade graduates to nearby high schools, and may provide for their daily transportation. Only one remains: Chester Non-High School District 122, whose territory is in and around Prairie du Rocher in Randolph County.[2] More recent Illinois laws allow a unit school district to deactivate either its elementary schools or its high schools and pay the tuition for their students of the appropriate level to attend nearby districts' schools. There were 13 such deactivations between 1984 and 2010.[3]
All school districts in the state of Washington are either "high school districts" or "nonhigh school districts".[4] Nonhigh school districts select "serving" high school districts, for which the nonhigh district also contributes to building funds, but any high school with more than a third of the nonhigh district's students is always a "serving" district. Students may attend a serving or non-serving district.[5]

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