Non è vero... ma ci credo

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Non è vero... ma ci credo
Liliana Bonfatti e Peppino De Filippo.jpg
Liliana Bonfatti and Peppino De Filippo in Non è vero... ma ci credo
Directed by Sergio Grieco
Produced by Ottavio Poggi
Written by Peppino De Filippo
Starring Peppino De Filippo
Liliana Bonfatti
Titina De Filippo
Music by Franco D'Acchiardi
Cinematography Vincenzo Seratrice
Release date
Country Italy
Language Italian

Non è vero... ma ci credo is a 1952 Italian comedy film directed by Sergio Grieco.[1][2]


A young man in love with a girl whose father does not approve of him, and who is also his employer, disguises himself as a hunchback to get into the father's good graces.



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