None of the Above Direct Democracy Party

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None of the Above Direct Democracy Party

Aucune de ces Réponses Démocratie Directe Parti
Active provincial party
LeaderGreg Vezina
PresidentGreg Vezina
Founded2014 (2014)
HeadquartersMississauga, Ontario
IdeologyDirect democracy
Seats in Legislature
0 / 124

The None of the Above Direct Democracy Party (NOTA; French: Aucune de ces Réponses Démocratie Directe Parti), formerly and still unofficially called the None of the Above Party (French: Aucune de ces Réponses Parti), is a minor political party in the province of Ontario, Canada. It is named after the expression "none of the above" and was founded in 2014 by Greg Vezina in response to his disillusionment with the current major political parties.[1] The party aims to "elect independent MPPs who are not bound by party control and who truly can represent their constituents first". It supports the use of referenda, term limits and recall elections.[2]

NOTA nominated candidates in eight ridings in the 2014 provincial election: Vezina ran in Mississauga—Erindale, Vezina's wife Kathleen ran in Mississauga—Brampton South, Vezina's son Alexander ran in Mississauga—Streetsville, Vezina's brother Matthew ran in Parkdale—High Park, Andrew Weber ran in Mississauga South, Amir Khan ran in Scarborough—Rouge River, John Ringo Beam ran in Niagara Falls, and Bob Lewis ran in Lambton—Kent—Middlesex.[1] None of the candidates gained a seat in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario and the party received 0.09% of the popular vote.

Election results[edit]

Election year No. of
overall votes
% of
overall total
No. of
candidates run
No. of
seats won
+/− Government
2014 4,247 0.09 8
0 / 107
New Party Extra-parliamentary
2018 16,191 0.28 42
0 / 124
+0.19 Extra-parliamentary

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