Nonette (river)

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Nonette river
Country France
Basin features
River mouth Oise
49°12′10″N 2°23′59″E / 49.20278°N 2.39972°E / 49.20278; 2.39972 (Oise-Nonette)Coordinates: 49°12′10″N 2°23′59″E / 49.20278°N 2.39972°E / 49.20278; 2.39972 (Oise-Nonette)
Progression OiseSeineEnglish Channel
Physical characteristics
Length 40 km (25 mi)

The Nonette is a tributary to the river Oise in northern France.[1] Its source is in Nanteuil-le-Haudouin, from which it flows west through Senlis and Chantilly, and joins the Oise in Gouvieux.[2]

The river has relatively high turbidity and its brownish water has a modest velocity due to the slight gradient of the watercourse; pH levels have been measured at 9.25 or quite alkaline[3] near the Château d'Ermenonville and electrical conductivity of the waters have tested at 81 micro-siemens per centimetre.


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