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Nongfu Spring Co., Ltd.
Native name
FoundedSeptember 26, 1996 (1996-09-26)
FounderZhong Shanshan (钟睒睒)
Key people
Zhong Shanshan (Chairman)
ProductsBottled water, Beverages
Nongfu Spring Co., Ltd.
Simplified Chinese农夫山泉股份有限公司
Traditional Chinese農夫山泉股份有限公司
Nongfu Spring water bottles
Shuirong C100

Nongfu Spring (simplified Chinese: 农夫山泉; traditional Chinese: 農夫山泉; pinyin: Nóngfū Shānquán) is a Chinese bottled water and beverage company headquartered in Xihu District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang province.[1][2]

The company adheres to a "natural and healthy" product concept. They promise to not use tap water in the production of their bottled drinking water, and never add any artificial minerals in drinking water. They also believe in constructing plants and filling bottles at their water sources in order to ensure that all processes are completed at the water source.

In 2015 Nongfu Spring Natural Mineral Water successively received 5 top international design awards:

  1. 6 May 2015, The Dieline Awards 2015 1st Place for Non-Alcoholic Beverages,[3]
  2. 21 May 2015, D&AD – Wood Pencil award,[4]
  3. 29 May 2015, Best Design Award and the Gold Award in the Non-alcoholic Beverage Packaging Design Category, in the 17th International Food and Beverage Creative Excellence Awards (FAB Awards).[5]
  4. Nongfu Spring Natural Mineral Water won The Design Week Award and is the only one winner in packaging.
  5. Platinum Pentawards- On the 26 September 2015 Nongfu Spring Natural Mineral Water was crowned Best of the Beverages category at the Pentawards during the ceremony which was held at the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), London.[6]
Nongfu Spring NFC 100% Juice.jpg


The company was established on September 26, 1996.[7]

The company grew steadily in strength and stature over the years, achieving revenues of more than 10 billion yuan ($1.53 billion) in 2011.

On April 10, 2013, the Beijing Times accused the company of intentionally not adopting Chinese national water standards and instead adopting the lower standards of Zhejiang province. This started a dispute between the company and the newspaper.[8] In November 2013, the company accused the Beijing Times of defamation and also filed a lawsuit in the Beijing Second Intermediate People's Court against the newspaper, which demanded 60 million yuan ($9.85 million USD).[9]


The water products, the company sells water-soluble vitamin C drinks, Shuirong C100 (C: 水溶C100, P: Shuǐróng C100, "Soluble C100"), and Nongfu Orchard (农夫果园) juices.

In 2010, "Victory Vitamin Water" (维他命水) beverage In 2011, "Oriental Leaf" (东方树叶) sugar-free tea beverage

In 2012, "Whisked Milk Tea" (打奶茶)[citation needed] series of milk tea beverages

Fruit flavored soft drinks

In 2015, "Nongfu Spring" Natural Mineral Water (in glass bottles),"Nongfu Spring" natural drinking water (suitable for infants and young children), and "Nongfu Spring" natural mineral water with the sports cap.[10]

In 2016, "Nongfu Spring" Natural Mineral Water (Limited edition in Monkey Year), 17.5°NFC (Not From Concentrate)100% Orange Juice & Apple Juice, Tea π(fruit flavored tea), Fruit flavored soft drink (水葡萄、水荔枝、水柚子、水柠檬). Nongfu Spring 100% NFC Orange Juice, Apple Banana Juice & Mango Blended Juice.


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