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Nonlinear generally refers to a situation that has a disproportionate cause and effect.

Science and mathematics[edit]

  • Nonlinear acoustics is a branch of physics and acoustics dealing with sound waves of sufficiently large amplitudes
  • A Nonlinear complementarity problem is found in applied mathematics
  • Nonlinear control theory is the area of control theory which deals with systems that are nonlinear, time-variant, or both
  • Nonlinear dimensionality reduction is a simplification that assumes that the data of interest lie on an embedded non-linear manifold within the higher-dimensional space
  • Nonlinear element, or nonlinear device, is an electrical element which does not have a linear relationship between current and voltage, e.g. a diode
  • Nonlinear functional analysis is a branch of Mathematical Analysis that deals with nonlinear mappings
  • Nonlinear optics, in physics, examines the properties of light in media in which the polarization responds nonlinearly to the electric field
  • Nonlinear photonic crystals are periodic structures whose optical response depends on the intensity of the optical field that propagates into the crystal
  • Nonlinear programming is the process of solving an optimization problem, where some of the parameters are nonlinear
  • Nonlinear regression, in statistics, represents fitting a model equation that is not linear in its parameters to the data in a data table
  • Nonlinear resonance in physics is the occurrence of resonance in a nonlinear system
  • Nonlinear Schrödinger equation is a nonlinear variation of the Schrödinger equation
  • Non-linear sigma model is found in quantum field theory
  • Nonlinear system, in mathematics, represents a system whose behavior is not expressible as a linear function of its descriptors
  • A nonlinear X-wave (NLX) is a multi-dimensional wave that can travel without distortion
  • Nonlinearity (journal) is a peer-reviewed scientific journal of the Institute of Physics and the London Mathematical Society.


  • Nonlinear gameplay, in computer and video games, presents players with challenges that can be completed in a number of different sequences.
  • Non-linear editing system, an audio and video editing term for a system which can perform random access on the source material.
  • Non-Linear Systems, a defunct computer manufacturer


  • Nonlinear narratives, in the arts, is a term used to describe events portrayed in a non-chronological manner.


  • Nonlinear pricing is a broad term that covers any kind of price structure in which there is a nonlinear relationship between price and the quantity of goods
  • Non-linear writing, a writing system whose symbols do not consist of lines
  • Nonlinears, advanced androids in the Inquest of Pilot Pirx

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