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Nono-chan manga vol5 from Futabasha.jpg
Cover of volume 5 of the manga published by Futabasha.
Genre Humor, Slice of life story
Tonari no Yamada-kun
Written by Hisaichi Ishii
Published by Asahi Shimbun
Tokyo Sogensha
Tokuma Shoten
Magazine Asahi Shimbun
Original run October 1, 1991March 31, 1997
Volumes 6 (Asahi)
11 (Sogensha)
3 (Tokuma)
Written by Hisaichi Ishii
Published by Futabasha (Channel Zero)
Tokyo Sogensha
Tokuma Shoten
Magazine Asahi Shimbun
Original run April 1, 1997 – present
Volumes 10 (Futabasha/Channel Zero)
12 (Sogensha)
7 (Tokuma)
Anime film
My Neighbors the Yamadas
Directed by Isao Takahata
Produced by Toshio Suzuki
Written by Isao Takahata
Music by Akiko Yano
Studio Studio Ghibli
Licensed by Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Released July 17, 1999
Runtime 104 minutes
Anime television series
Directed by Toshinori Fukuzawa
Produced by Yumi Shimizu
Kenji Oota
Hiroyuki Sakurada
Written by Takashi Yamada
Music by en avant
Studio Toei Animation
Original network TV Asahi
Original run July 7, 2001September 28, 2002
Episodes 61
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Nono-chan (ののちゃん) is a yonkoma manga series begun in 1991 by Hisaichi Ishii originally serialized as My Neighbors the Yamadas (となりのやまだ君, Tonari no Yamada-kun) in the Asahi Shimbun in Japan. When the series first began, it was generally focused on all of the members of the Yamada family. As the series progressed, the daughter (Nonoko, or "Nono-chan") became the most popular character among readers and more of the strips focused on her and her point of view. In 1997, the series title was changed to reflect this change of focus. The Asahi Shimbun continues to feature this manga series as of October 2007.

In July 1999, Studio Ghibli released My Neighbors the Yamadas, a film based on this series.[1] From 2001 to 2002, a 61 episode anime television series based on the manga was shown on the TV Asahi network in Japan.


Yamada family[edit]

Nonoko Yamada (山田のの子)
Nonoko is the main character and a very easy-going 3rd grade elementary school student. She is constantly battling to keep the lowest spot in the class (for grades).
Matsuko Yamada (山田まつ子, Yamada Matsuko)
Nonoko's mother, a housewife. She is always worrying about what to cook for dinner (usually something that goes with rice, and it usually turns out to be some sort of curry). She is a somewhat sloppy housekeeper as well as being forgetful.
Takashi Yamada (山田たかし, Yamada Takashi)
Nonoko's father, an ordinary salaryman. Unlike his wife and daughter, Takashi is a very diligent worker. His car is a piece of junk, and his hobbies include pachinko and golf.
Noboru Yamada (山田のぼる, Yamada Noboru)
Nonoko's older brother, a junior high school student. He's very good at sociology, but has poor study skills and doesn't do as well in other subjects.
Shige Yamano (山野しげ, Yamano Shige)
Nonoko's grandmother and Matsuko's mother. She is 70 years old. Shige is very energetic, but a very stubborn and hard boiled grandmother.
Pochi (ポチ)
The Yamada family's pet dog. He generally has a sullen, grumpy mood.

Studio Ghibli film[edit]

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