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The Nonproliferation Policy Education Center (NPEC) is a not-for-profit organization that is based in Washington, D.C., and was founded in 1994 to promote a better understanding of strategic weapons proliferation issues among policymakers, scholars and the media.

Henry D. Sokolski is the executive director of NPEC.

Members of NPEC's Board of Advisors include:

NPEC's Board of Advisors previously included:

  • David Kay – Senior Fellow at the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies and former International Atomic Energy Agency UN-Iraq Inspection Team Leader.
  • Morton Kondracke – Nationally syndicated columnist and Editor of Roll Call
  • James R. Lilley – Director of Asian Policy Studies at the American Enterprise Institute, former US Ambassador to China and South Korea, and former Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs
  • Stephen Solarz – President of Solarz Associates and former Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee on Asia and the Pacific
  • Christopher A. Williams – Partner, Johnston & Associates, LLC
  • Roberta Wohlstetter – (1912–2007) PAN Heuristics, Inc.

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