Nonstop (Chinese TV series)

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青春进行时 / Qing Chun Jin Xing Shi / Nonstop (chinese vers.)
Genre Comedy / Love Story
Directed by Quan Yi Jun / 全益俊
Opening theme 希望 by BoBo (band)
Ending theme 我不是宅男 by Back Dorm Boys
Country of origin Mainland China
Original language(s) Mandarin
No. of episodes 57
Original network Dragon TV

Nonstop is the Chinese version of the popular Korean sitcom, Nonstop.


  • Fu Xinbo 付辛博 as Fu Baozi 付包子
  • Jing Boran 井柏然 as Jing Bao 井宝
  • Cao Yuan 曹苑 as Cao Yuan Yuan 曹圆圆
  • He Zhuoyan 何琢言 as He Zhuo yan 何琢言
  • Zhang Xinyu 张馨予 as Jenny
  • Dan Dan 丹丹 as Dan Dan 丹丹
  • Wei Wei 韦炜 as Wei Dong Gen 韦东根
  • Tian Hai 田海 as Tian Hai 田海
  • Han Geng 韩庚 as guest star


All 9 students live together in a dorm, with different personalities. This sitcom revolves mainly around love, and crushes.

Information About the Characters[edit]

Fu Bao Zi
A rich and honest guy.

Jing Bao
A playboy, who constantly gets into fights with his girlfriend (Jenny).

Cao Yuan Yuan
A girl who works hard for her money to pay her schools fees, due to financial problems at home. After seeing Jing Bao play the piano, she falls in love with him.

Dong Gen
A messy and unhygienic guy, who falls in love with He Zuo Yan, who unfortunately does not like him back. He frequently tricks his friends for money, and never returns his debts.

The quiet, calm but very dumb girlfriend of Jing Bao. Throughout the sitcom, she gets all her Chinese sayings wrong, as she grew up in Canada.

Dan Dan
The oldest out of everyone in the group, and is always wondering why she cannot get a boyfriend even though she is so 'beautiful'.

Zhuo Yan
Described as manly, and un-girly by most of her peers, and is oblivious to the love that Dong Geng has for her.

Tian Hai
An exchange student from Korea.

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