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Noojee Bennett Street 001.JPG
Bennett Street
Noojee is located in Baw Baw Shire
Coordinates 37°53′0″S 146°00′0″E / 37.88333°S 146.00000°E / -37.88333; 146.00000Coordinates: 37°53′0″S 146°00′0″E / 37.88333°S 146.00000°E / -37.88333; 146.00000
Population 261 (2006 census)[1]
Postcode(s) 3833
Elevation 275 m (902 ft)
LGA(s) Shire of Baw Baw
County Buln Buln
State electorate(s) Narracan
Federal Division(s) McMillan
Mean max temp Mean min temp Annual rainfall
18.4 °C
65 °F
7.1 °C
45 °F
1,116.3 mm
43.9 in
Localities around Noojee:
Warburton Powelltown McMahons Creek Erica
Hoddles Creek Noojee Tanjil Bren
Labertouche Neerim Junction Hill End

Noojee is a town in the Gippsland region of Victoria, Australia, north of Warragul and east of Melbourne, in the Baw Baw local government area. At the 2006 census, Noojee and the surrounding area had a population of 261.[1] The town benefits from tourists passing through to the Mount Baw Baw Alpine Resort, 48 kilometres away, as it is the last stop with tourism services. There are also a number of walks in the area, including the Noojee Trestle Bridge, a 100m wooden rail bridge.

It was first settled after gold was found in the area in the 1860s. Noojee became a major timber town when the railway connected the town to Warragul in 1919. Noojee Post Office opened on 3 May 1920, though an earlier office had been open between 1902 and 1904.[2]

The town was destroyed by bushfires in 1926 and again in the Black Friday fires of 1939. The only building left standing after both fires was the Noojee Hotel which served a community meeting point during the emergency. The hotel also served as the school after the one room school was destroyed.[3]

"Noojee" is an Aboriginal word meaning "valley of or place of rest".

Noojee is widely well known for its great trout fishing. A trout farm is located on the outskirts of the town.

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