Noonday Underground

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Noonday Underground
OriginLondon, England
GenresElectronica, Soul, Downtempo
Years active2000 to Present
Associated actsAdventures in Stereo
MembersSimon Dine
Daisy Martey

Noonday Underground are a British band consisting of DJ Simon Dine and singer Daisy Martey. Dine had previously been a member of Adventures in Stereo. Martey was for a time the singer in Morcheeba.[1] The band name came from a book about The Who.[2]

Their track, "The Light Brigade", was used as the title theme for the Channel 4 nursing drama, No Angels.

An advertisement for Google Home used their track Spinning All Around.


  • Self-Assembly (2000) M21/Setanta
  • Surface Noise (2002)
  • On the Freedom Flotilla (2006) Setanta
  • Set Sail (2008)
  • The K-O Chorale (2010)
  • Body Parts for Modern Art (2015)
  • On a Quiet Night (2018)
  • "London" (1999)


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