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شلیک موشک کروز نور توسط یگان ساحلی نداجا از سواحل مکران (4).jpg
TypeAnti-ship cruise missile
Service history
Used byIran
Production history

Engineturbojet engine
30-170 km depending on the model
Flight altitudeSea-skimming

The Noor (Persian: نور‎) is a long-range anti-ship cruise missile manufactured by Iran. The missile is in primary service with the Iranian Navy. The missile is a reverse engineered Chinese C-802 anti ship missile.[1]


Transporter erector launcher (TELs) for Noor/Qader missiles. The TEL can be disguised as a civilian truck.

Iran was the first export customer of Chinese C-802 missiles. The contract was signed in 1995 but was canceled due to U.S. pressure after 60 missiles had been delivered. After that, Iran started a program to reverse engineer the C-802.[2]

It is unknown when the program was finished, but in 2000 and early 2001, Iran tested an upgraded C-802 missile during Unity-79 wargames. Officials said that the range of the missile is increased from 30 to 130 kilometres (19 to 81 mi).[3]

The missile is powered by Toloue-4, an Iranian version of the French Microturbo TRI 60 engine.[4]

In January 2004, Iran announced that it has started manufacturing the DM-3B mono pulse radar for the Noor missile.[5] According to Iranian officials, DM-3B is a millimeter-wave active radar used in the last stage of missile flight to find the target and home-in the missile on it.[6] Because of its frequency, it is very hard to jam the radar, which is located inside the nosecone.[7]

In 2006, it was announced that the missile's range has been increased further to 170 km (110 mi).[8][9]

In 2011, another variant called Qader was unveiled by Iran with a range of 200 km (120 mi) and the ability to attack coastal targets. A video of the missile hitting its coastal target was published by the Iranian media.[10][11][12]

In early 2012, during Velayete-90 wargames, a Noor missile was tested with improvements in electronic systems, a more jam-resistant radar and better target acquisition algorithms. A Qader missile was also tested in the wargame.[13]


  • Basic Noor: Initial reverse-engineered missile with a range of 30 km (19 mi).
  • Noor Phase 2: Improved version with 130 km (81 mi) range.
  • Noor Phase 3: Further increased the range to 170 km (110 mi).
  • Noor Phase 4: Better electronics and computer algorithms.
  • Qader: An upgraded version with the range of 200 km (120 mi).
  • Noor Export Version: A version with the range of 120 km (75 mi).[14]


Map with Noor operators in blue

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