Noor TV (US)

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Noor TV
Typesatellite television network
AvailabilityUnited StatesUnited States
Key people
Yama Yousefzai, Haris Rahimi, Farzan Rahimi
Launch date
29 July 2007
Official website

Noor TV (meaning "light" in the Arabic language) is a US based Afghan satellite television network, operating from Pleasanton, California. The station is available on Galaxy 25 satellite dish throughout North America.

Noor TV's programs are broadcast 24-hours and include: world news, children’s and youth programming, game, cooking, music and talk shows.

The mission of Noor TV is to promote harmony in the oft-fractious Afghan communities in the United States and Canada.

Three Afghan Americans brothers of Fremont, California (Yama Yousefzai, Haris Rahimi and Farzan Rahimi) founded and launched Noor TV on 29 July 2007 and first appeared on television screens on 1 August 2007.