A Young Retiree

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A Young Retiree
Noor pensionär (1972).jpg
DVD Cover
Directed by Sulev Nõmmik
Produced by Eesti Telefilm
Written by Enn Vetemaa
Sulev Nõmmik
Music by Ülo Vinter
Distributed by Eesti Telefilm
Release date
Running time
80 min
Country USSR, Estonian SSR
Language Estonian

A Young Retiree (Estonian: Noor pensionär) is an Estonian comedy film from 1972, directed by Sulev Nõmmik and written by himself and Enn Vetemaa. Together with Viimne reliikvia, Siin me oleme! and Mehed ei nuta, Noor pensionär is one of the most influential Estonian movies from the Soviet occupation era.

Plot synopsis[edit]

A former ballet artist (played by Ervin Abel) unexpectedly finds himself retired and begins searching for new place in life, eventually becoming a hired tutor of a mischievous teenage daughter of a powerful mother. The results are hilarious.


  • Ervin Abel as Noor pensionär
  • Lia Laats as Mother
  • Helmut Vaag as Leopold
  • Leida Rammo as Laine
  • Marika Samussenko as Daughter
  • Lisl Lindau as Employment officer

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