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Alto Vista Chapel in 2011
Noord is located in Aruba
Location in Aruba
Coordinates: 12°34′N 70°02′W / 12.567°N 70.033°W / 12.567; -70.033Coordinates: 12°34′N 70°02′W / 12.567°N 70.033°W / 12.567; -70.033
RegionNoord/Tanki Leendert
 • Total21,495
Time zoneUTC-4 (AST)

Noord (Dutch pronunciation: [noːrt]) is a town and region in Aruba (part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands).[1] This town is known for its low rise and high rise hotels, restaurants, beaches, malls, the California Lighthouse, and other places of attraction.[2]

Places of interest in Noord include Alto Vista Chapel, California Lighthouse, Palm Beach and Arashi Beach.[2]

Tanki Flip[edit]

The town of Tanki Flip is home to an Amerindian settlement whose remains date from 1000 to 1500. The village contained several malocas (long houses) with several smaller round houses and a central hut surrounded by an open plaza. The village was fenced off and inhabited by Caquetio people.[3]

Notable people[edit]


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