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This article is about the town in Aruba. For other uses, see Noord (disambiguation).
Alto Vista Chapel in 2011
Noord is located in Aruba
Location in Aruba
Coordinates: 12°34′N 70°02′W / 12.567°N 70.033°W / 12.567; -70.033Coordinates: 12°34′N 70°02′W / 12.567°N 70.033°W / 12.567; -70.033
Country Aruba
Region Noord/Tanki Leendert
Population (2000)
 • Total 16,944
Time zone AST (UTC-4)

Noord (Dutch pronunciation: [noːrt]) is a town in Aruba (a part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands). It is part of the Noord/Tanki Leendert administrative unit of Aruba, which has a population of 16,944 as of 2000. By now, it is the town with the greatest population. This town is known for its low rise and high rise hotels, restaurants, beaches, malls, the California Lighthouse, and other places of attraction.

The Alto Vista Chapel is located in Noord.

Noord is the birthplace of Major League Baseball pitcher Sidney Ponson.


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