Noosa (artist)

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OriginLong Island, New York City, New York, United States[1]
GenresElectropop · dream pop[2] · synthpop[1]
Years active2012–present
Associated actsGhost Beach
  • Sky Barbarick (vocals and songwriting)
  • Mickey Valen (production)[2]

Sky Barbarick, better known by her stage name Noosa, is an American singer-songwriter.


The name comes from the place of the same name in Australia where Sky became inspired to write songs as a way of "translating [her] spirit to the world".

Noosa was exposed to the world when Sky's song "Mirrors in the Moonlight" was transformed by producer Mickey Valen into their first single "Fear of Love". This and a string of later singles went to #1 on The Hype Machine.[1] Since then, Noosa has released a 5 track EP in 2013, with one of its tracks featured on a Kellogg's commercial,[3] and a debut studio album entitled "Wonderland" in 2014.[4]


Studio albums[edit]


  • Noosa (2012)


Featured singles[edit]


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