Nor'Wester Mountains

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Nor'Wester Mountains
Neebing ON.JPG
The Nor'Westers seen from Neebing Township
Highest point
Peak Mount McKay
Elevation 483 m (1,585 ft)
Coordinates 48°20′43″N 89°17′8″W / 48.34528°N 89.28556°W / 48.34528; -89.28556Coordinates: 48°20′43″N 89°17′8″W / 48.34528°N 89.28556°W / 48.34528; -89.28556
Country Canada
Province Ontario
Mount McKay

The Nor'Wester Mountains are a group of mountains immediately south of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, located on the southern limits of the City of Thunder Bay and south of the Kaministiquia River.[1]:32,33 Mount McKay is the highest, most northern and best known of these mountains. Other prominent peaks include Godfrey, Hurlburt, Johnson, Matchett, McRae, McQuaig, Rose, and Squaretop.

Loch Lomond, 287 m (942 ft) above sea level, collects most of the runoff within the Nor’Wester Mountains; Loch Lomond is drained by the Lomond River.[1]:5 A few square kilometers of mountain slope south of Mount McKay are drained by Whiskeyjack Creek.[1]:5


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