Nor'wester (Bangladesh)

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Nor'wester in Kolkata,India, 2010

In Bangladesh and adjacent parts of India, an intense type of storm known as a nor'wester or ”Kal baisakhi” in Bengali occasionally brings high wind and very heavy rain, usually in spring. Based on event descriptions and the meteorological environments involved, it appears that at least some "nor'westers" are, in fact, progressive derechos.[1]

A severe Nor'wester lashed through Dhaka and northwestern region of Bangladesh late April 4, 2015, leaving at least 24 people dead and hundreds injured. Weather officials said this was the first severe storm in the usual spring storm season. It left a tail of destruction uprooting hundreds of trees and flattening many tin and mud-built houses and snapping road and rail communication with affected areas.[2]


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