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Nordurthing map.png
Location of Norðurþing
Norðurþing is located in Iceland
66°02′49″N 17°20′46″W / 66.047°N 17.346°W / 66.047; -17.346Coordinates: 66°02′49″N 17°20′46″W / 66.047°N 17.346°W / 66.047; -17.346
RegionNortheastern Region
ConstituencyNortheast Constituency
ManagerKristján Þór Magnússon
Area3,729 km2 (1,440 sq mi)
Density0.76/km2 (2.0/sq mi)
Municipal number6100
Postal code(s)640, 641, 670, 671, 675

Norðurþing is a municipality located in northern Iceland. Norðurþing was formed in 2006 when the municipalities of Húsavík, Öxarfjörður, Raufarhöfn, and Kelduneshreppur were merged after special elections in January 2006 and the region was officially declared a new municipality on 10 June 2006.

The biggest town in the municipality is Húsavík, with a population of 2,307 inhabitants. Other settlements include Kópasker (population 122) and Raufarhöfn (population 186).

Húsavík is known as the whale watching capital of Europe [1] and is centrally located for visitors coming to the area who intend to visit Mývatn, Dettifoss, Goðafoss, or the Vatnajökull National Park. Kópasker is home to the Earth Quake Center [2] and a local folk museum.[3]

In Raufarhöfn, an attraction called the Arctic Henge is currently being built and is already attracting visitors.[4]

Twin towns – sister cities[edit]

Norðurþing is twinned with:[5]


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