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Nora Plakat.jpg
Company East West Theatre Company
Genre A play with music
Date of premiere January 24, 2009
Location Business Center Unitic, Sarajevo
Creative team
Director Haris Pašović
Writer Henrik Ibsen
Set designer Lada Maglajlic
Amir Vuk Zec
Poster Design Bojan Hadzihalilovic
Goran Lizdek
Costume design Oshyosh
Lighting design Haris Pasovic
Muamer Causevic
Nermin Hamzagic
Choreographer Mark Boldin
Sound designer Nihad Mahmutovic
Video Art Peda Kazazovic
Sculpture Design Enes Sivac
Maja Mateža
Nora’s Dance Brano Jakubovic
Photography Almin Zrno
Ballet Master Belma Ceco
Wardrobe Edina Bahtanović
Make up Marina Bozanić
Studio Makaoo
Other information
Executive Producer Ismar Hadziabdic
Financial Coordinator Sanela Brcic
Production Assistant Lejla Abazovic
Official website

Nora is a theatre show directed by Haris Pasovic and produced by the East West Theatre Company based in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.[1] The show is based on Henrik Ibsen's play A Doll's House, which was translated into Bosnian by Munib Delalic.[2] Nora is the story of a young successful couple who seemingly live a perfect life but suffer from marital problems under the surface.[3]


The story focuses on Nora and Torvald Helmer, who, as in Ibsen's original, are a successful married couple who live a handsome and sophisticated lifestyle. At first glance, the life of Nora and Torvald is a modern model of a happy marriage. Torvald is a rising star in the financial world who is careful to preserve the couple's public image, enjoys luxury cars and collects expensive watches. At the same time he enjoys a blissful family life, alongside an attractive wife and a five-year-old daughter. His wife Nora also enjoys shopping, clothes, shoes, perfumes, watches, exclusive brands, and luxury lingerie. Their sex life is quite liberal and extravagant.

Things change when Nora’s old friend Christine suddenly comes back into Nora’s life. From an ascetic, hard working young woman, Christine soon transforms into a femme fatale who, powered by ambition and greed, mercilessly climbs the social ladder. Her lover, Helene Krogstad (who in Ibsen’s original is a male character) blackmails both Nora and Torvald. Dr. Rank, a friend of the Helmers, is dying of a terminal disease and decides to admit to Nora and that he is in love with her. A financial crisis begins to beguile Torvald while Nora slowly loses her composure.[4]

The show premiered in Sarajevo and toured Macedonia during the Ohrid Summer Festival. It was also played during the opening of the International Theatre Festival Desire in Subotica[5]

Original Cast[edit]

The premiere was held on January 24, 2009 and it included the following cast:[6]

Actor Role
Maja Izetbegović Nora Helmer
Amar Selimović Torvald Helmer
Irma Alimanović Kristina Linde
Maja Zeco Helena Krogstad
Haris Pašović Dr Rank
Nora Sahinpasic Ema Helmer
Alen Hurić Ivar
Elvir Bajrić/Haris Vesnić Mimi
Edina Bahtanović Mini

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