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Nora Chesson, from a 1903 publication.

Nora Chesson (2 January 1871 – 14 April 1906), born as Eleanor Jane Hopper, was an English poet, born in Exeter of an Irish father, Capt. Harman Baillie Hopper. She was a participant in the Irish literary movement of the 1890s, having some influence on W. B. Yeats in particular with her Ballads in Prose (1894).

Nora Hopper - Under Quicken Boughs

In 1901, she married the English man of letters Wilfrid Hugh Chesson (1870–1953), becoming "Nora Chesson". She provided the English translation to Thadgh O'Donoghue's libretto for the Irish opera Muirgheis (1903) by Thomas O'Brien Butler (1861–1915).

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