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Nora Young
Nora Young at Northern Voice 2009.JPG
Nora Young at the Northern Voice conference in Vancouver, February 2009

Nora Young is a Canadian broadcaster and writer. She was the original host of CBC Radio's Definitely Not the Opera, and has produced documentaries for CBC shows such as Ideas.[1]

In September 2007, Young, Elizabeth Bowie, Tom Howell, and Dan Misener launched Spark on CBC Radio One. The show, which Young hosts, focuses on "the way technology affects our lives, and the world around us".[2] The show utilizes a unique format, in which users can contribute to future shows by posting ideas, interview questions for upcoming guests, and stories on Spark's blog.[3]

Young also hosts a podcast called The Sniffer with Cathi Bond.[4] The podcast focuses on technology and trends and airs five-minute segments two or three times a week.

Young has spoken about her experiences in various media at events such as the Podcasters Across Borders and Northern Voice conferences, and has contributed to the Toronto Star.[5][6] Young lives in Toronto.


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