Norah McCarthy

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Norah McCarthy
Personal information
Full name Norah McCarthy
Country represented  Canada
Former partner Ralph McCreath
Sandy McKechnie
Skating club Toronto SC

Norah McCarthy was a Canadian figure skater who competed in single skating winning the 1940 national title, and pair skating. She competed in pairs first with Ralph McCreath, winning the 1939 and 1940 national titles, and later with Sandy McKechnie.


Singles career[edit]

Event 1939 1940 1941
North American Championships 3rd 3rd
Canadian Championships 2nd 1st 3rd

Pairs career[edit]

(with Ralph McCreath)

Event 1939 1940
North American Championships 2nd
Canadian Championships 1st 1st

(with Sandy McKechnie)

Event 1941
Canadian Championships 2nd