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Area served
Portugal, Spain, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Argentina
ProductsCar Repairs, Car Accessories and Car Parts

Mobivia is a French based company group which focuses on car repairs, car accessories and car parts.

Its first store was in France in 1970 near Lille (Englos); during the 1980s the brand expanded its auto centers through France and abroad by entering the Spanish market. In 1986, it also launched its first brand product, Norauto Oil, while in the 1990s, the group expanded to Italy, Portugal, Argentina and Poland with the launch of more new Norauto brand products. In the 2000s, the group also created The Norauto Foundation and signed The European Road Safety Policy and in 2006, they expanded to the Hungarian market. In 2010 the original name Norauto was changed to Mobivia.[1] Norauto remains a Mobivia brand name.[2] In 2013, Norauto officially left Hungary.

Around the world[edit]

Country Established Stores
France France 1970 360
Spain Spain 1986 82
Italy Italy 1991 34
Portugal Portugal 1997 25
Argentina Argentina 1998 11
Poland Poland 1998 39
Hungary Hungary 2006 4
Romania Romania 2009 5

Note: Some stores may be under franchise.[3]

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