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Akai MPC4000, Norbergfestival 2009.jpg
Akai MPC4000, Norbergfestival 2009
Genre Electronic dance music, experimental music, avantgarde, EAM and Drone via Electronica, 8-bit and Acid to Breakcore, Detroit Techno and Dubstep
Location(s) Norberg, Västmanland, Sweden
Years active 1999-present
Founded by Michael Østerz Christiansen and Dag Celsing
Norbergfestival web site

Norbergfestival is held in Norberg, Västmanland, Sweden. It is a festival for electronic and experimental music in Scandinavia. The festival started in 1999 by Michael Østerz Christiansen and Dag Celsing. The event attracts people in different ages and most visitors come from Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, UK and Germany[1]


There are 3 main stages on the festival, Mimer with a staggering reverb of more than 7 seconds, concrete and steel structures are the raw surroundings. KraftWerk is the old powerplant, where the clubbing and dance atmosphere is intense. Camp-303, the official underground stage. On top of that the ReallyOpenStage gives visitors a chance to play themselves either on brought or borrowed machines. There are also art installations in Mimer and around the festival area.

Norbergfestival is held in and around an abandoned mining area. The main concert building, Mimerlaven, was once a pithead frame for the extraction of iron ore. The structure was erected in 1957, Hematite and magnetite from the pits around Norberg were brought into Mimer from the ground below it, crushed and then further processed. The mining business was discontinued in the 1980s.

Every year around 90 artists perform at Norbergfestival. Music styles span from Avantgarde, EAM and Drone via Electronica, 8-bit and Acid to Breakcore, Detroit Techno and Dubstep. During the years artist like Pole, Pamelia Kurstin, Luke Vibert, Kid606, Fennesz, B12, Vladislav Delay, Milanese, Pan Sonic, Monolake, Bong-Ra, Skream, Biosphere, DJ Food, Psilodump, Andreas Tilliander, Paul Woolford, Skudge and many more have performed at the festival.

Originally, the festival was run by the Danish-Swedish Norbergfestival association. Since 2012 the festival has been run by the Swedish Norbergfestival association. In 2015 the organisation change its name to Anrikningsverket.

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