Norbert Barlicki

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Norbert Barlicki.

Norbert Barlicki (6 June 1880, Sieciechów, Radom Governorate – 27 September 1941, Auschwitz) was a Polish publicist, lawyer and politician of the Polish Socialist Party (PPS).

Barlicki was murdered during the Second World War in the German concentration camp Auschwitz.[1]

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  1. ^ Free Europe: fortnightly review of international affairs: Volumes 10 à 12 1944 - "The issue of March 3 published an alleged statement by M. Kurylowicz, to whom another leading Polish Socialist, Norbert Barlicki, was supposed to have said as he lay dying in the Oswiecim concentration camp: "If you get back tell our comrades that we are at Oswiecim because some of our comrades wanted to liquidate us as we were inconvenient to them."