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Norbert Brunner
NorbertBrunner Artwork DontWaitStartNow.png
Born (1969-07-17) July 17, 1969 (age 47)
Hohenems, Austria
Nationality Austrian
Education University of Applied Arts Vienna
Known for object art, new media art, installation art

Norbert Brunner (born 1969, Hohenems, Austria) is an Austrian object, conceptual and installation artist. Brunner’s mirror objects reflect not only the viewer, but also superimpose messages across their visual path, insisting they become an interactive part of the installation. He studied on the University of Applied Arts Vienna. Currently Brunner lives and works in Vienna and New York City.


Norbert Brunner was born in Hohenems, Vorarlberg Austria.[1] After being raised in Vorarlberg he served a joinery apprenticeship and attended a vocational school for sculpture in Elbigenalp, Tyrol. He studied sculpting on the University of Applied Arts Vienna [2][3] with professor Wander Bertoni. He also had been influenced by Oswald Oberhuber, Bernhard Leitner, Franz Graf and Isabelle Graw.

Brunner has public projects in Kobe, Japan; Edmonton, Canada and Birmington, UK. His work has been exhibited throughout the world including Beijing, China;[4][5][6] Sydney, Australia; London, UK; Moscow, Russia;[7][8] Berlin, Germany;[9] Paris, France; Vienna,[10][11] Graz,[12] Austria; Geneva, Swiss; Prague, Czech;[13][14] New York City,[15][16][17] Dallas,[18] USA; Osaka, Nagoya,[19] Kyoto, Japan and Sydney, Australia. He also participated in the biennale in Valencia[20] and the architecture biennale in Beijing, the expo Aichi in Nagoya[21] and the Royal Academy of Art Summer Exhibition.

His works are part of important museum collections like the 21 Haus in Vienna, the New Britain Museum of American Art [22] and the Vorarlberger Landesmuseum.


Norbert Brunner's Installation at Guerlain, Champs Elysees, Paris, 2013
Norbert Brunner's Timepill Installation in cooperation with Will Alsop, Vienna, 2006
Norbert Brunner's Artwork Suzi, 2010
A detail view of one of Brunners works

Norbert Brunner's works are meant to inspire for the beholder to get a "broader" attitude of mind. In his objects he translates two dimensional images into a multi-dimensional design. His objects demand that the viewer examines them closely for full visual appreciation and understanding. This spatial interaction with the sculpture is forcing the viewer into a more extensive contention with the artwork. Brunner's mirror objects reflect not only the viewer, but also superimpose written messages. Using few but compelling words, Brunner’s texts reflect infinite possibilities asking us to formulate our own interpretation of reality.

Brunner employs acrylic glass, Swarovski crystal, mirror, photographic prints, paint, and foil in his creations that range in size from personal and intimate to monumental and communal. In his objects he defines the dot as the lowest common denominator. Everything consists of these dots, which are located next or above one another and make up the image. By putting foil dots on several layers of acrylic glass and mirrors he arranges layers in a sandwich system. When the viewer changes his position towards the object these images dissolve into many individual parts and reassemble only when seen from the right angle.

Brunner is always dreaming up new techniques and mediums to employ new means of "communication". As source material for his works, Brunner uses well-known objects or texts from everyday life which are universally familiar. They become his vocabulary of global communication with the aim to reach as many people as possible.


Exhibitions / Installations (selection)[edit]

  • Jan 7th, 2016 to Feb 20th, 2016, Claire Oliver Gallery, New York (Solo)
  • Dec 11th, 2014 to Jan 17th, 2015, Claire Oliver Gallery, New York (Solo)
  • Art Miami, Dec. 2 - 7, 2014, Claire Oliver Gallery
  • Sep. 2014, Baeckerstrasse 4, Vienna (Guest / Solo) [23]
  • Guerlain Flagship Store, Avenue des Champs Elysees, Paris
  • Art Miami 2013, Claire Oliver Gallery, Miami, FL
  • Art Dallas 2013, Claire Oliver Gallery, Dallas, TX
  • Hamptons Art Fair 2013, Claire Oliver Gallery, New York, NY
  • Art Fair Winwood 2013, Claire Oliver Gallery, Miami, FL
  • "Communication" Public Space Installation, Kallco Vienna, Austria
  • Art Dallas 2012, Claire Oliver Gallery, Dallas, TX
  • Library Commission for Reflection, Permanent Installation for the Celebrity Cruise Ship "Reflections"
  • 10/20/10 Group Show Claire Oliver Gallery, New York City, NY
  • Beyond Bling, Group Show Claire Oliver Gallery, New York City, NY
  • Smiling Broadly, Claire Oliver Gallery, New York (Solo)
  • Art Miami 2011, Claire Oliver Gallery, Miami, FL
  • Fuck Luck, Claire Oliver Gallery, New York (Solo)
  • Art Miami 2010, Claire Oliver Gallery, Miami
  • EIKON Schaufenster, Museumsquartier, Vienna, Austria (Solo)
  • Galerie Caprice Horn, Berlin, Germany (Solo)
  • Royal Academy of Art Summer Exhibition London 09, Royal Academy, London, UK
  • Scope Basel, Caprice Horn Gallery, Berlin, Swiss
  • Poster and Bag Object Project, Vienna Opera Ball 2009, Vienna, AT
  • Heroes, Aidan Gallery, Moscow, Russia (Solo)
  • Gallery Lukas Feichtner, Vienna, Austria (Solo)
  • EVERYDAY HEROES, F2, Beijing, China (Solo)
  • Art Pulse New York, Lukas Feichtner Gallery, New York City, NY
  • FEMACO, Gallery Caprice Horn, Mexico City, Mexico
  • ART COLOGNE, Gallery Lukas Feichtner, Cologne, Germany
  • Timebubble I Stage Design, cooperation with the Bregenz Music Festival, Austria
  • Art Moscow and Moscow World Fine Art Fair, represented by Aidan Gallery, Moscow, Russia
  • Cige, Gallery Lukas Feichtner, Beijing, China
  • Photo Miami, Gallery Lukas Feichtner, Miami, FL, USA
  • Pulse, Gallery Lukas Feichtner, London, UK
  • Shanghai Contemporary, Gallery Lukas Feichtner, Shanghai, China
  • Vienna Fair, Aidan Gallery, Moscow, Vienna, Austria
  • Festival of Extreme Building, Birmingham, UK
  • Everyday Heroes, gallery F2, Beijing, China (Solo)
  • ARTFIELD TECHNOLOGY, outdoor hanging object installation (sphere), Aidan Gallery, Moscow, Russia
  • WE LIVE TOMORROW, Paris, France
  • Vienna Art Week, Public Space Timepipe Installation, in cooperation with Will Alsop and Darryl Georgiou, cur. Robert Punkenhofer, Vienna
  • Here – Now, Gallery Kaze, Tokyo, Japan, cur. Chikako Mori
  • Vienna – Prague, Galerie Litera, Prague, Czech Republic
  • Wisdom of Nature, EXPO in Aichi-Nagoya and Galerie 14, Nagoya, Japan, cur. Robert Punkenhofer (Solo)
  • GEGENLICHT, Wolke 7, Vienna, Austria
  • 1st Architecture Biennial Beijing, TIMEPILL installation, Beijing, China
  • Stage design for 'MILUJ MA', Aktionstheater, Vienna, Austria
  • Life Ball Backstage VIP Area, City Hall Vienna, Austria
  • 00.00.00, Cubic Gallery, Osaka, Japan (Solo)
  • 2nd Biennial Valencia, A&M – Department of Proper Behaviour, Convento del Carmen, Valencia, Spain, cur. Will Alsop & Bruce McLean
  • Timepill and Bagobject Project, West Bromwhich, UK


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