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Norbert Geng (born 1965) is a German lawyer and professor of special business law.[1]


Geng studied law at University of Würzburg and completed his legal clerkship from 1994 to 1995. He worked as an editorial journalist for the WISO-Steuerbrief (ZDF) and afterwards as a lawyer in Erfurt for four years before he became syndic of the HUK-Coburg insurance group.[2] In 2000 he graduated at the University of Jena with his conferral of a doctorate about "Ausgleich und Abfindung der Minderheitsaktionäre der beherrschten Aktiengesellschaft bei Verschmelzung und Spaltung" ("Chargeback and compensation of the minority shareholders of the controlled Aktiengesellschaft during merger and splitting.").[3] Since 2002 he has been professor at the faculty of commercial law at the University of Applied Sciences in Schmalkalden.[4]

Geng is member of the Hayek Society and adheres to the Austrian School of economics. In 2010, he became co-president of the Party of Reason (pdv).[5] He resides in Grünsfeld.[6]

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