Norbert Kristóf

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Norbert Kristóf
Born (1980-09-01) 1 September 1980 (age 34)
Miskolc, Hungary
Genres Indie, sadcore, melancholia
Occupation(s) Songwriter
Years active 2000-present
Labels unsigned
The native form of this personal name is Kristóf Norbert. This article uses the Western name order.

Norbert Kristof (born 1980) is a Hungarian indie singer, songwriter and guitarist from Miskolc, Hungary. He has a unique and deep voice with a melancholic vibe.[1]


Norbert Kristof, better known by his stage and recording name Sobieski, has been producing hauntingly beautiful folk-rock for almost a decade. Whether imbuing his songs with ethereal and soaring vocals or rocking out, Kristof is always an ingenious musical artist.

Musical style and influences[edit]

In the early years Norbert listened to The Smashing Pumpkins, The Cure, Sonic Youth, Radiohead and Elliott Smith.[citation needed]


  1. ^ Described by a fan: "Some songs are like as if I were swimming... going on and on, gliding over the water. Listening to it I feel there is no world outside, only the water, all around me. It is sad and i feel it is honest really. Like when at your show your eyes were closed all the time, as if you weren't present, and then sometimes i closed my eyes too, and I felt like that too, that I'm not there... I loved that. It's a bit like me, it's sad, but it lives... and I was listening to it on the bus, too, on the way home, because some songs are like when you have to take a step forward, have to go on... to be on the road without wanting to arrive.. you don't even know where - as there isn't much choice."[citation needed]