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Nord-Fron kommune
Gjende, Jotunheimen.JPG
Coat of arms of Nord-Fron kommune
Coat of arms
Official logo of Nord-Fron kommune
Oppland within
Nord-Fron within Oppland
Nord-Fron within Oppland
Coordinates: 61°39′32″N 9°43′40″E / 61.65889°N 9.72778°E / 61.65889; 9.72778Coordinates: 61°39′32″N 9°43′40″E / 61.65889°N 9.72778°E / 61.65889; 9.72778
Country Norway
County Oppland
District Gudbrandsdal
Administrative centre Vinstra
 • Mayor (2007) Tove Haugli (Ap)
 • Total 1,141 km2 (441 sq mi)
 • Land 1,092 km2 (422 sq mi)
Area rank 86 in Norway
Population (2004)
 • Total 5,926
 • Rank 167 in Norway
 • Density 5/km2 (10/sq mi)
 • Change (10 years) -2.8 %
Demonym(s) Frøning[1]
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
 • Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)
ISO 3166 code NO-0516
Official language form Nynorsk
Data from Statistics Norway

Nord-Fron is a municipality in Oppland county, Norway. It is part of the traditional region of Gudbrandsdal. The administrative centre of the municipality is the village of Vinstra. The old municipality of Fron was divided into Nord-Fron and Sør-Fron in 1851. In 1966, they were merged back together again, but that only lasted until 1977 when they separated once again.

General information[edit]


The Old Norse form of the name was Frón. The meaning of the name is unknown (maybe "earth" or "land"). Therefore, the meaning of Nord-Fron is "(the) northern (part of) Fron" (since the parish and municipality of Fron was divided in 1851.)[2]


The coat-of-arms is from modern times. They were granted on 18 July 1980. The arms show a gold-colored Dole Gudbrandsdal on a red background. The Fron area has a longstanding tradition in horse breeding and is one of the main centres of horse breeding in Norway. In the beginning of the century the Fron municipality used unofficial arms with a horse on it. After Fron was divided into Nord- and Sør-Fron, Nord-Fron choose the above arms.[3]

(See also the coat-of-arms for Eid, Gloppen, Levanger, Lyngen, Skedsmo and Ski.)

Number of minorities (1st and 2nd generation) in Nord-Fron by country of origin in 2017[4]
Ancestry Number
 Poland 74
 Eritrea 53
 Syria 39
 Lithuania 31
 Afghanistan 28
 Netherlands 21
 Thailand 18


The farm Nord-Hoge in Sødorp parish, Nord-Fron is the legendary home of Peer Gynt. Peer was made famous by both Peter Asbjørnsen's folk tales and Henrik Ibsen's play.

The body of Captain Sinclair is buried in Kvam.

The beautiful small church in Kvam, built in 1775, was burnt during the Occupation of Norway by Nazi Germany during World War II.[5]


Nord-Fron is bordered to the north by Sel municipality, to the south and east by Sør-Fron, in the south by Gausdal and Øystre Slidre, and in the southwest by Vågå.

The district stretches from the mountains of Rondane and in the east to Jotunheimen in the west. A point of Nord-Fron "touches" Folldal municipality in Hedmark County.

There are two population centers in Nord-Fron: the villages of Vinstra and Kvam. Kvam is located at the northern end of the Peer Gynt Road, which passes through high roads with excellent views of the Jotunheimen, Dovrefjell, and Rondane mountain.[6]

Lakes in the region include Feforvatnet.

Royal residence[edit]

The Royal Mountain Chalet, Prinsehytta is located in the valley of Sikkilsdalen. It is used as a Royal residence by the Norwegian Royal Family for hunting, Easter and winter holidays.


Smiubelgen in Rondane National Park.

Eidefoss petroglyphs[edit]

The Rock carvings at Eidefoss are located on the east side of the river south of the white water.[7]

National parks[edit]

Sister cities[edit]

The following cities are twinned with Nord-Fron:[8]


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