Nord Drum

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Nord Drum
Nord Drum - played by Aucan, 2013 (clip).jpg
Nord Drum (played by Aucan, 2013)
Manufacturer Clavia
Dates 2012 -
Technical specifications
Polyphony 4 (1 per channel)
Timbrality 4
Oscillator 3: Body + Click + Noise
Synthesis type Virtual Analog Drum machine
Filter 2 Low-pass filters
Attenuator 3 Gate + Decay
Velocity expression Yes
Storage memory 99 patches
Keyboard No
External control MIDI in/out, 4 trigger inputs

The Clavia Nord Drum is a virtual analog drum synthesizer, that Clavia claims is capable of 'retro-futuristic' percussion sounds.[1] It was unveiled by Clavia at NAMM 2012, and released in March 2012.


The Nord Drum has four channels, in other words it is capable of creating four different drum sounds at once. Each channel can be triggered either from MIDI or from drum triggers, and the Nord Drum can therefore both be used to add electronic sounds to a drum kit, or be controlled from sequencers or MIDI keyboards. Each sound can be made up of a tone, a click and noise.[1]


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