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The Nord Wave is a 49-key polyphonic synthesiser developed by Clavia. It integrates the playback and manipulation of samples into a virtual analog and FM synth engine, which is a rare combination on keyboard synthesizers.

Sound Generation[edit]

The Wave has two oscillators, each with six different sound banks. Five of these banks are common to both; these are the three analog waveforms provided (sawtooth, triangular and square), as well as noise generation and FM synthesis (with many different algorithms provided). Oscillator One's unique bank is a wavetable bank, with a sample-playback bank being unique to Oscillator Two[1] (the latter of which is full of Mellotron tapesets, amongst other things).

Performance control[edit]

There is an extensive, comprehensive user interface on this keyboard, with plenty of dials and switches at one's fingertips. Shown below is a list of these features.

  • Polyphony Selection (Poly/Mono/Legato) with Glide control.
  • Routable Vibrato.
  • Octave Shifter, Pitch Bend and Modulation Wheel.
  • Live Patches (Two Slots).
  • Modulation Envelope.
  • Two routable LFO's (with five waveforms).
  • Oscillator Mixer, Osc 2 Detune and Pitch Shift.
  • Variable keyboard tracking.
  • Amplitude and Filter Envelopes (both with ADSR configuration).
  • Variable (Cut-off and Resonance) filter (with six types of filter).
  • Two-band EQ.
  • Four effects engines (Chorus, Drive, Reverb and Delay).


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