Nordenskiöld Fjord

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Nordenskiöld Fjord
Nordenskiöld Fjord is located in Greenland
Nordenskiöld Fjord
Nordenskiöld Fjord
Location in Greenland
Location Arctic
Coordinates 82°28′N 44°30′W / 82.467°N 44.500°W / 82.467; -44.500Coordinates: 82°28′N 44°30′W / 82.467°N 44.500°W / 82.467; -44.500
Ocean/sea sources Lincoln Sea
Basin countries Greenland

Nordenskiöld Fjord or Nordenskjöld Fjord is a fjord in Peary Land, northern Greenland.


To the northwest the fjord opens into the Lincoln Sea of the Arctic Ocean.[1] It separates the island of Nares Land, to west of the fjord, from the mainland. John Murray Island and Elison Island are located at its northern end off its mouth.[2]

Map of Northeastern Greenland

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