Nordenskjöld Glacier

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Nordenskjold Glacier
Nordenskjold Glacier.jpg
View of the glacier terminus at Cumberland Bay.
Map showing the location of Nordenskjold Glacier
Map showing the location of Nordenskjold Glacier
Location in South Georgia
Location South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
Coordinates 54°22′S 36°22′W / 54.367°S 36.367°W / -54.367; -36.367Coordinates: 54°22′S 36°22′W / 54.367°S 36.367°W / -54.367; -36.367
Terminus Cumberland East Bay, Southern Ocean

Nordenskjold Glacier is a large glacier in South Georgia.

The glacier flows north and has its terminus at the head of Cumberland East Bay, on the north coast of the island.[1] It was charted by the Swedish Antarctic Expedition and named after Otto Nordenskiöld, leader of the expedition.

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