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Nordex SE
Societas Europaea
Traded as FWBNDX1
Industry Wind power industry
Founded Give, Denmark (1985 (1985))
Headquarters Rostock, Germany
Key people
Dr. Jürgen Zeschky (CEO), Dr. Wolfgang Ziebart (Chairman of the supervisory board)
Products Wind turbines
Services Maintenance of wind turbines
Revenue €972.0 million (2010)[1]
€40.1 million (2010)[1]
Profit €20.9 million (2010)[1]
Total assets €987.0 million (end 2010)[1]
Total equity €370.8 million (end 2010)[1]
Number of employees
2,380 (average, 2010)[1]

Nordex SE is a German company that designs, sells and manufactures wind turbines. The company's headquarters is located in the German city of Rostock while management is situated in Hamburg. Production takes place in Rostock as well as in China and for a brief time in Jonesboro, Arkansas.[2] The company was founded in 1985 in Give, Denmark. Since then the company steadily grew. In 1995 Nordex was the first company to mass-produce a 1 MW turbine.

Wind turbines[edit]

Currently Nordex manufactures two platforms of wind turbines, rated at 1.5 MW and 2.5 MW. The 1.5 MW class consists of the S70, S77 and S82, based on the license ProTec MD 1500 kW designed by „pro + pro Energiesysteme“ (company of aerodyn Energiesysteme and Denker & Wulf). This turbine mainly are sold in the Asian-pacific markets today.

In Europe and North America Nordex manufactures and sells the 2.5 MW series, a product family comprising the N80/2500, the N90/2500 and the N100/2500. The N80/2500 is a turbine being developed for strong winds. The N90/2500 consists of two versions, Highspeed and Lowspeed, the first one for rather windy locations, the second for medium wind conditions. The N100/2500 was designed especially for low-wind regions (IEC 3), but can also be used at medium wind. The hub height of the 2.5 MW series reach from 60 meters for the N80/2500 to 140 meters for the low wind version of the N100/2500.

In February 2011 Nordex announced to produce another wind turbine of the 2.5 MW series, the N117/2400, starting in July 2012. With a swept area of 10,751m² and a nominal power of 2,400 kW the N117/2400 can reach a capacity factor of 40% even under low wind conditions (IEC 3). This turbine will be employed with hub heights of 91 meters (resulting in a total height right below 150 meters), 120 meters and 140 meters.

Technical data 2.5MW Gamma class[3][edit]

N100/2500 in the United States.
Nordex N117/2400 (Gamma) in Germany
Parameter N80 IEC1 N90 IEC1 N90 IEC2 N100 IEC 2 N100 IEC3 N117/2400 IEC3
Rated Power (kW) 2,500 2,500 2,500 2,500 2,500 2,400
Cut-in wind speed (m/s) 3 3 3 3 3 3
Cut-out wind speed (m/s) 25 25 25 25 25 20
Rotor diameter (m) 80 90 90 100 100 117
Swept area (m²) 5,026 6,362 6,362 7,823 7,823 10,751
m² per MW 2,010 2,548 2,548 3,129 3,129 4,480
Revolutions per minute 10.8-18.9 10.3-18.1 9.6-16.8 9.6-14.8 9.6-14.8 7.5-13.2
Overspeed control Pitch Pitch Pitch Pitch Pitch Pitch
Gearbox yes yes yes yes yes yes
Generator double-fed asynchronous generator double-fed asynchronous generator double-fed asynchronous generator double-fed asynchronous generator double-fed asynchronous generator double-fed asynchronous generator
Grid frequency 50/60 Hertz 50/60 Hertz 50/60 Hertz 50/60 Hertz 50/60 Hertz 50/60 Hertz
Hub height (m) 60 65/70/80 80/100 75/80/100 80/100/140 91/120/141



In 2013 Nordex launched the Delta-Class-Series, entering series production in January 2014 with prototypes installed in mid-2013. There will be two new types of turbines, the N100/3300 strong-wind turbine and the N117/3000, which is designed for medium-wind sites. Both turbines feature the rotorblades already used in the Gamma-Series, with the rotorblades of the N117 being slightly upgraded to withstand the higher wind speeds in IEC wind class 2a. Both turbines are equipped with a three-stage gearbox and a doubly fed asynchronous generator.[4][5]

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