Nordhausen station

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Nordhausen station
Deutsche Bahn
Through station
Bahnhof Nordhausen.JPG
Location Bahnhofsplatz 6, Nordhausen, Thuringia
Coordinates 51°29′36″N 10°47′21″E / 51.49333°N 10.78917°E / 51.49333; 10.78917
Platforms 5
Architectural style Historicism
Other information
Station code 4576
DS100 code UN
IBNR 8010256
Category 3 [1]
Opened 1866
Passengers 3,000

Nordhausen station is a railway junction in the north of the German state of Thuringia and the main station in the city of Nordhausen. It is located just south of the city centre in the valley of the Zorge.


The railway arrived in Nordhausen on 10 July 1866 with the opening of the line to Halle, which was extended on 9 July 1867 to the west to Eichenberg. In 1869 lines to Northeim and to Erfurt were added. In 1897, the narrow gauge Harz Railway was opened to Wernigerode, starting at the Nordhausen Nord station on the north side of the station. In the station forecourt there is a stop on the Nordhausen tramway that connects the station with most districts of the town.

In 1994 the station was electrified. The station is also important for east-west freight and a large freight yard is located east of the station.

Rail services[edit]

Line Route Frequency
IC LeipzigHalle (Saale)NordhausenKassel-WilhelmshöheFuldaHanauFrankfurt (Main) Individual services
RE 6 Nordhausen – Sondershausen – Straußfurt – Erfurt Hourly
RE 9 Halle (Saale) – Sangerhausen – Nordhausen – Leinefelde – Eichenberg – Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe Hourly Halle-Nordhausen
Every two hours Nordhausen-Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe
RB 41 Nordhausen – Bleicherode Ost – Leinefelde – Heilbad Heiligenstadt Hourly Nordhausen-Leinefelde
Every two hours Leinefelde-Heilbad Heiligenstadt
RB 45 Nordhausen – Sondershausen – Straußfurt – Erfurt Individual services
RB 57 Nordhausen – Walkenried – Herzberg (Harz) – Northeim (Han) – Göttingen Hourly Nordhausen-Northeim (Han)
Every two hours Northeim (Han)-Göttingen
RB 75 Halle (Saale) – Lutherstadt Eisleben – Sangerhausen – Berga-KelbraNordhausen Individual services
HSB Nordhausen Nord – Niedersachswerfen Ost – Ilfeld – Eisfelder Talmühle – Drei Annen Hohne Every half-hour (Nordhausen Nord-Ilfeld)
Individual services (Ilfeld-Drei Annen Hohne)


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