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Nordic Game
GenreGame Developers Conference
Location(s)Malmö, Sweden
Most recent2016[1]
Attendance2'500 attendees

Nordic Game is a video game conference held annually in Malmö, Sweden. The conference hosts lectures from the computer gaming industry and serves as a company-dating venue where developers and marketers meet. In 2013, 1,500 developers, businesspeople, and enthusiasts were expected to participate. The keynote speech that year was given by video game designer Tim Schafer.[2]

In 2016, the Japanese video game designer, screenwriter, director, and producer Hideo Kojima did a Q&A at the conference, that year the attendees were on its high, with over 2.500 people. The previous conference was held on 18–20 May 2016 in Malmö, Sweden.[1] The Nordic Game Conference 2017 edition will be held 17–19 May 2017 also in Malmö, Sweden.


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