Nordic combined at the 2010 Winter Olympics

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Nordic Combined
at the XXI Olympic Winter Games
Nordic combined pictogram.svg
Venue Whistler Olympic Park
Dates 14–25 February 2010
Competitors 55 from 14 nations
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Nordic combined at the 2010 Winter Olympics
Nordic combined pictogram.svg
Individual large hill/10 km   men  
Individual normal hill/10 km men
Team men

The nordic combined competition of the 2010 Winter Olympics was held at Whistler Olympic Park. The events were held between 14 and 25 February 2010. Sprint and individual Gundersen events of 7.5 km and 15 km events were replaced by two 10 km individual events with one jump each from the normal and large hills respectively. Team event went from two jumps down for one jump per team member. This was done during the 2008-09 Nordic Combined World Cup season and was also applied to the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 2009 in Liberec, Czech Republic.

Medal summary[edit]

Medal table[edit]

 Rank  Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1  United States 1 3 0 4
2  Austria 1 0 1 2
3  France 1 0 0 1
4  Germany 0 0 1 1
4  Italy 0 0 1 1
Total 3 3 3 9


Three nordic combined events were held in Vancouver 2010 (all participants are men):

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Individual large hill/10 km
Bill Demong
 United States
25:32.9 Johnny Spillane
 United States
25:36.9 Bernhard Gruber
Individual normal hill/10 km
Jason Lamy Chappuis
25:47.1 Johnny Spillane
 United States
25:47.5 Alessandro Pittin
Team large hill/4 x 5 km
Bernhard Gruber
Felix Gottwald
Mario Stecher
David Kreiner
49:31.6  United States
Brett Camerota
Todd Lodwick
Johnny Spillane
Bill Demong
49:36.8  Germany
Johannes Rydzek
Tino Edelmann
Eric Frenzel
Björn Kircheisen

Competition Schedule[edit]

All times are Pacific Standard Time (UTC-8).

Day Date Start Finish Event
Day 3 Sunday 2010-02-14 10:00 10:50 Individual Normal Hill
13:45 14:20 Individual 10 km
Day 12 Tuesday 2010-02-23 10:00 10:45 Team Large Hill
13:00 14:00 Team Relay
Day 14 Thursday 2010-02-25 10:00 10:50 Individual Large Hill
13:00 13:35 Individual 10 km


For the three events, there are a maximum 55 athletes allowed to compete. No nation can have more than five skiers. For each event, no nation can enter more than four skiers per nation per individual event or one team per nation per relay race.

Host nation Canada is expected to enter skiers in all events. If no skier meets the qualification standards, they can enter one skier per event.

Quota allocation per nation was based on the World Ranking List (WRL) based on Nordic Combined World Cup and Grand Prix points, followed by Continental Cup Standings from the 2008-09 and 2009-10 Nordic Combined World Cup. This was made by assigning one quota slot per skier from the top of the standings downwards until the maximum five slots have been reached, including host nation Canada. When 50 slots are reached in an event where less than ten nations have a minimum of four skiers allocated slot (and the nation is entered in the team event), the next nation with three skiers will be given a fourth slot until ten nations can compete in the team event. Any open quota slots will be allocated until the maximum 55 skiers can be reached, including host nation Canada. This process started on 18 January 2010 and will run until 28 January 2010. Deadline to VANOC is 1 February 2010.

If a skier from a nation selected for an event cannot compete due to injury or force majeure prior to the start of the first event based on quota allocation, a replacement can be used once the removed skier surrenders their accreditation prior to their replacement can be accredited.

Participating nations[edit]

A quota list was released by the FIS on 18 January 2010.[1]

14 countries participated, with number of athletes in parenthesis.[2]