Nordisk Mobiltelefon (Sweden)

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Nordisk Mobiltelefon Sverige AB
Headquarters Täby, Sweden

Nordisk Mobiltelefon was a Nordic operator of a digital CDMA2000 450 MHz mobile telephone network in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.[1] Company was initially co-founded by Arnfinn Röste.[2] During 2008, the company introduced which is the brand name that was used commercially.

In February 2009 Nordisk Mobiltelefon went bankrupt, and U.S. based industrial group Access Industries subsequently took over the network on March 10, 2009, and continued to operate it under the brand.[3][4]

In Sweden and Denmark, the brand name Net 1 was later established. In Norway it remains

The network uses the network frequencies in the 450 MHz band, that was previously used for analog NMT-450 to provide a digital service that will greatly exceed the range of GSM and its geographical coverage. It is extensively used by the logging industry and users in remote rural areas.

Upgrade to 4G LTE[edit]

In 2015, all three networks were upgraded from CDMA to 4G LTE using the same 450 MHz frequencies (LTE band 31). The Norwegian subsidiary also holds other frequency licenses.


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