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Nordisk Tidende was a Norwegian language newspaper in the United States founded in 1891 and closed in 1983.[1] It reopened in 1993 as the Nordic Journal.

The newspaper was founded by Emil Nilsen, an immigrant who came to the United States in 1887 to seek his fortune. As a previous book printer and sense of newspaper operations, it was natural that he started a newspaper for Norwegians in their new homeland. He saw that there was a need for Norwegians in the New York area with news from "the Old Country" written in Norwegian and so was Nordisk Tidende started. First Edition came out 3 January 1891.

In order to capture readers' interest filled his newspaper with drug rumors, scandals and gossip which was popular at the time. His successors imposed a higher standard and more professional journalism and newspaper evolved into a respected publication that could offer their readers cultural fabric and news from two continents.

In 1930 it was in Brooklyn 63,000 residents of Norwegian descent. The newspaper was the main source of these news from Norway, but it was not until World War II that readers discovered how important this news source had become.

Nordisk Tidende was the only free Norwegian newspaper published during World War II[dubious ] and the only uncensored with the latest news from occupied Norway. Among the newspaper's writers were Nobel Prize winner Sigrid Undset.

As time passed and the first and second generation Norwegians were lost among readers was less need for a Norwegian language newspaper. The newspaper changed its name in 1991 to Norway Times and became an English-language weekly newspaper.

Nordisk Tidende had several editors over the years, among others Carl Søyland who joined the newspaper in 1930 and was its editor from 1940 to 1963.

Norway Times current editor is from Stavanger, Lene Heimlund Larsen who hold legacy serviced by bringing relevant information about Norway in English to Norwegian-Americans, or Americans with Norwegian ancestry.


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