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Nordkalk Corporation
Industry Minerals
Founded 1991
Headquarters Pargas, Finland
Area served
Central and Northern Europe
Key people
Hannu Hautala (CEO)
311 M€ (2015)[1]
Number of employees
Subsidiaries Suomen Karbonaatti Oy

Nordkalk is a manufacturer of limestone-based products based in Finland. It operates at more than 30 different locations in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Estonia, and Russia.


Limestone has been quarried in Pargas at least since the 17th century, possibly as early as the 14th century[citation needed]. Industrial quarrying began on the 26th of November 1898 when the joint-stock company Pargas Kalkbergs Aktiebolag was established by Otto Moberg. Pargas Kalkbergs Aktiebolag later changed its name to Partek. Nordkalk was part of Partek until February 2003. In August 2010 Rettig Group Ltd becomes the sole owner of Nordkalk. Nordkalk Corporation continues to quarry and process limestone as a member of the Rettig Group. Nordkalk is a member of Cleantech Finland.


The main product groups of Nordkalk are:

Limestone is pure natural produce. It is a versatile and often irreplaceable raw material with many areas of application. It plays a role in the production of many familiar daily products that are necessary in maintaining our current standard of living. Each one of us uses daily products, the manufacture of which has required the use of limestone-based products. In environmental applications, limestone-based products are needed to provide society with the basic prerequisites of life – clean air, pure water and fertile soil.


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