Nordkirchen transmitter

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Nordkirchen transmitter

The Nordkirchen transmitter is a medium-wave broadcasting facility of Deutsche Telekom near Nordkirchen in Northrhine-Westphalia. It was built in 1979 and 1980 after the 549 kHz frequency was again made available in that location.

It transmitted at a power of 100 kW and uses a directional antenna, aimed at the Northeast, consisting of two ground-fed, guyed, lattice steel masts 136 metres apart. The power opposite the antenna's focal point was approximately one-third the total radiated power. This avoided conflicting with the nearby Wavre transmitter in Belgium, which works on the neighbouring 540 kHz frequency. OFF AIR in 2007

In 2004, a second medium-wave transmitter with a power of 5 kW for transmitting the privately owned radio programme Truckradio was installed at Nordkirchen transmitter, which uses the same antenna as the transmitter of Deutschlandfunk.


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Coordinates: 51°45′20″N 7°32′22″E / 51.75544°N 7.53936°E / 51.75544; 7.53936