Nordsee-Ost offshore wind farm

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Nordsee-Ost offshore wind farm
LocationNorth Sea
Coordinates54°26′24″N 7°40′48″E / 54.44000°N 7.68000°E / 54.44000; 7.68000Coordinates: 54°26′24″N 7°40′48″E / 54.44000°N 7.68000°E / 54.44000; 7.68000
Commission dateMay 11, 2015 (2015-05-11)
Wind farm
Site area36 km2[1]
Max. water depth25 m[1]
Distance from shore57 km[1]
Hub height92 m[1]
Rotor diameter126 m[1]
Power generation
Units operational48 × 6.15 MW
Make and modelSenvion 6.2M126[1]
Nameplate capacity295.2 MW
Nordsee Ost's location in the wind farms of the German Bight

Nordsee-Ost offshore wind farm is an offshore wind farm in operation in the eastern part of the North Sea German sector. The project was developed by RWE Innogy, a subsidiary of RWE.

The wind farm consists of 48 turbines with a total capacity of 295 MW. The 6.15 MW turbines were provided by REpower.[2] Steel foundations for generators were supplied by Aker Verdal.[3][4] Power converters were supplied by Woodward Governor Company.[5] A consortium of Siemens and Prysmian built the high-voltage direct current submarine cable from the wind farm to the German transmission system operated by Transpower, a subsidiary of TenneT.[6]

Delays in power line construction by Dutch TenneT delayed its operational start.[7]

On 11 May 2015 the wind farm was officially put into operation.[8]

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