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Nordstrom is a chain of US department stores.

Nordstrom, Nordstrøm, or Nordström are surnames of Swedish origin.


  • Dagmar Nordstrom (1903–1976), American composer, pianist, arranger, accompanist and harmony of the Nordstrom Sisters
  • John W. Nordstrom (1871–1963), Swedish-born co-founder of the Nordstrom department store chain
  • Siggie Nordstrom (1893–1980), American entertainer, lead singer of the Nordstrom Sisters
  • Swede Nordstrom (1896–1963), American football player
  • The Nordstrom Sisters (1931–1976), American sister act, international cabaret singers
  • Ursula Nordstrom (1910–1988), publisher and editor in chief of juvenile books at Harper & Row from 1940 to 1973.



  • Rikard Nordstrøm (1893–1955), Danish gymnast who competed in the 1912 Summer Olympics


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