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Nordtek Imexco Ltd is a packaging solutions provider company based in Hungary.

Nordtek Imexco creates, produces, sells and distributes packaging and packaging components for cosmetics, toiletries and household chemicals. They distribute the products of both local and foreign manufacturers. Their aim is to ensure a supermarket type service with wide selection, availability and favourable pricing for small buyers as well. Products from the Nordtek group are used for the shampoos, liquid soaps, face creams, body lotions and cleansers sold in all major chain stores in the region - TESCO, CORA, AUCHAN, Penny Market, etc.

Nordtek Imexco is active in all of Central and Eastern Europe and the total population reached by their sales activity is more than 150 million.

In 2008 Nordtek Imexco introduced a new brand called Allinpackaging which is aimed to help European partners who want to buy small quantities of products.

MS EN ISO 9001:2001 has been applied at Nordtek Imexco since 2003 and SAP Business One integrated system since 2005.

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