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Nore Stave Church

Nore is a village in the municipality of Nore og Uvdal in the county of Buskerud, Norway. It is located in the traditional region of Numedal.


From 1837 the area was part of Rollag District. Nore was a municipality of its own from 1858 to 1961. It was merged with Uvdal on 1 January 1962. Prior to the merger Nore municipality had a population of 1,975.[1]

The village of Norefjord is the center of the Nore. There is Nore Church (1880), Numedal Hall, Numedal high school, Nore school and community center. During the summer months there is an open exhibition at the former residence of glass artist, Oddmund Kristiansen. For 20 years prior to his death in 1997, the renowned glass artist used his house as a workshop and studio.[2]

Nore Stave Church (Nore stavkirke) dating from the 1100-1200 time period is located in Nore. Nore Stave Church is located just south of downtown. The church, which is characteristic of stave churches of Numedal type, has wood carvings from the Middle Ages in the form of leaf vines and man-eating lions and is decorated with wall paintings dating from 1600-1700.[3][4]

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