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Norefjell seen from Sokna in Ringerike

Norefjell is a Norwegian mountain range in the Scandes Mountains system. It stretches between the valleys Eggedal (west) and Hallingdal (east) in Norway. It covers parts of the municipalities Flå, Sigdal, and Krødsherad, all in the county Buskerud.

Its highest mountains are

  • Gråfjell, 1,468 m (4,816 ft)
  • Høgevarde, 1,459 m (4,787 ft)

Norefjell Ski Resort is an alpine ski resort, located in the municipality Krødsherad, about one and a half hours drive north of Oslo. Norefjell was host to the downhill and giant slalom competitions of the 1952 Winter Olympics.

The name[edit]

The mountain is named after the old farm Nore (see Noresund), the last element is fjell n 'mountain'.


Official website Oslo Vinterpark

Coordinates: 60°16′N 9°29′E / 60.267°N 9.483°E / 60.267; 9.483